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As we are ushered into the modern world, our businesses are highly dependent on technology to gain an upper hand. There are revolutionary technologies such as virtualization mobile and cloud computing that are increasing the workloads on data center operations which is also increasing the demand for more speed and capacity. Thus, it compels IT professionals, to find the best way to integrate these technologies into a physical infrastructure that would enable them to mitigate cost, improve productivity and offer additional storage.

ORM Systems have a dynamic team of engineers who are also Cisco Certified and have the utmost expertise to devise data center designs that adhere to the highest level of standards at an affordable price. We incorporate the best practices and overall infrastructure to achieve your organization’s goals and long-term objectives

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How Does Our Presales Network Design Phase Work?

In this phase of Presales Network Design, our engineers conduct a kick-off meeting with you where we ask what type of solution and service you need for your business enterprise. Our experts then evaluate, consult and guide and ensure to provide you with a solution that is exclusively designed for your business.

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Our Approach

Preferences Of Brands

ORM Systems offer a wide range of IT products and solutions of enterprise-level brands and manufacturers. Our experts evaluate your business infrastructure and offer a solution tailored to your business needs.

Types Of Devices

Our certified engineers will provide a detailed report of the required devices that will be used for your business and will ultimately optimize your business performance.

Number Of Devices

We will also let you know the number of devices required to operate your business effectively without any setbacks. We will establish a powerful infrastructure to ensure your business thrives and scale exponentially.

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