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There has been an accelerating change in the pace of business in recent years. To keep up with that pace and smoothly run high-power apps and high-end tools, businesses require top-tier IT infrastructure that is more agile, has the capacity to store more data, and has more computing power. Having an outdated data center will not be ideal for performing tasks and may jeopardize your IT team’s productivity, making them unable to achieve organizational goals. To avoid that from happening, the majority of the organizations are investing in data center transformation to stay relevant in the competitive environment. With ORM Systems, you would be able to reach the full potential of your business initiatives and sustain yourself in today’s modern world. Our IT experts understand the severity of addressing the needs of establishing a dynamic IT infrastructure. It can be quite a hassle and overwhelming with the risks of security threats. However, you don’t need to worry as our IT specialists help you better understand your IT infrastructure needs and will support you in every step of the data center transformation process. We will develop a roadmap to revolutionize your existing IT infrastructure, allowing you to take advantage of your newly formed data center. In the end, our experts will walk you through the pathway of efficiently utilizing all of the data center assets as per your organization’s needs and requirements.

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Our Services

ORM Systems offers a wide range of Data Center Transformation services that are highly reliable, flexible, and secure.

Our services are designed to:

  • • Provide a high level of security and efficiently utilize data storage capacity.
  • • Reduce backup and recovery times.
  • • Optimize technology to align with the business goals and long-term objectives.
  • • Minimize total cost of ownership.
  • • Foster smooth and high-speed data access and handling.
  • • Expedite development and deployment process of applications.
  • • Provide maximum security against internal and external threats.
  • • Make sure to provide high availability and deliver an exceptional user experience.

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Customize Data Center Services

ORM Systems has a wide range of options in terms of its data center transformation services, such as providing a solution to a specific issue, an all-inclusive solution for a highly complex pain point, or even recommending a pathway to achieve data center transformation. We have delivered solutions to multiple industries that align with their unique needs and requirements. Whether it’s small to midsized business enterprise, government or healthcare, or corporate organizations, we offer customized solutions that achieve your organizational goals.

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The experts here at ORM Systems have years of experience in identifying, analyzing and recommending the needs of numerous organizations.

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Our Four Steps Process Of Data Center Transformation

1. Plan And Design

The experts at ORM Systems will communicate and help you better understand the needs of your organization’s IT infrastructure. Either we convey the message through a phone call, by sharing the report of the gathered data, or by conducting a Data Center Transformation Assessment. As per the analysis report, we will devise a data center that meets the requirements of your business enterprise. We will also provide a roadmap that would enable you to achieve the vision of your organization.

3. Build And Optimize

Our specialists are certified in building and effectively optimizing your data center. So, when you entrust your IT infrastructure with us, whether they are in the building phase, implementation, optimizing, conducting tests, or assessment. Rest assured as they are in safe hands.

2. Modernize And Transform

Organizations always look for a cost-effective manner to modernize and transform their data centers. However, the migration process can be quite an overwhelming ordeal for IT staff to manage. ORM Systems can take care of it easily whether it’s migrating a physical data center location, putting a lid on the number of existing data centers, converting End-Of-Life workloads, or being able to effectively manage unstructured data. With ORM Systems, you would be able to take full advantage of your on-branch computing and storage spend.

4. Manage and Protect

ORM Systems manages and protects your data center from cyberattacks at the same time also preventing power failures. Our specialists have a thorough understanding of your organization and provide solutions tailored to the stringent needs that help you achieve your business goals.

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