Who We Are?

ORM Systems is the global leading IT hardware and Software Solution provider. Our core focus is providing authentic, reliable, and cost-effective IT hardware products along with enterprise software solutions. Our superior customer services team have built a strong correlation between our customers and suppliers. We have laid out our physical presence by having operational branches and warehouses in UK, USA, Europe and Middle East. We stock huge inventory globally and provide fast delivery to an absolute supply chain and logistics for our consumers all around the world with a guarantee of meeting your standard requirements.



We strive to stay ahead to set off modern technology with IT hardware and advanced comprehensive software solutions. Our team at ORM Systems is encouraged to help our valuable customers with the best networking deployment through professional assistance. We desire to provide particular IT hardware equipment at affordable prices along with flexible payment methods. We focus on your long-term business objectives to help you achieve successful outcomes. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective products and services that support and enable growth, improve network efficiency, and ensure customers with the best experience.


The vision of ORM Systems is to be the world’s top resource in the IT industry for providing top-tier IT Hardware and Software Solutions. We aim to be trusted brokers to our customers for offering high-quality, reliable products and flexible services at a low price. We look forward to encouraging our customers to improve their business operations and build overwhelming support for large and diverse IT enterprises to optimize and unlock the potential of technology. ORM Systems enthusiastically delivers advanced solutions and the latest IT hardware products to get involved in modern times.


We believe core values are the foundation of a successful organization. ORM Systems commit to endorsing the highest standards of ethical behavior, professionalism, and respect. We appreciate the teamwork and contribution of our experts, following business integrity and building a progressive culture to give confidence to our customers to count on us. We value outstanding services to our customers without compromising the quality of products along with the best prices. Likewise, we value commitment and strong communication with our customers to guide them individually in order to deliver remarkable customer service.

What makes us different?

Free & Express Shipment
Ready to ship Inventory
Extended Replacement Warranty
Flexible payment methods
We are located in UK, USA, Middle East and Europe
Free CCIE Support

Our Business Timeline

ORM Systems stepped into the IT Industry

In 2016, ORM Systems began operations to serve as an IT Hardware provider in Stanmore, UK. ORM Systems collaborated with trusted vendors and delightfully served several organizations. We served organizations by providing genuine IT hardware products to help build their desirable IT infrastructure.

Expanded the business operations in other regions

After a year of successfully serving customers in the UK. In 2017, ORM Systems expanded its services to various parts of the Europe. ORM Systems brought an extensive range of the latest IT hardware products which were designed to meet our customer’s IT network requirements and helped them to reach their goals.

Introduced Software Solutions and opened a Branch office & warehouse in the Middle East

In 2018, ORM Systems took its success to another level by introducing Software Solutions services. We started to provide network security solutions, Software development, Workplace modernization, and many more services. ORM Systems also opened a branch and warehouse in the Middle East, which served numerous countries across the Middle East Region.

ORM Systems opened branch office & warehouse in the USA and Netherlands

ORM Systems expanded the business with new branches and warehouses in the USA and Netherlands in 2019. It delivered successful services of IT hardware and software solutions. Since then, it has grown to become a global leader in IT Hardware and Software Solutions.

Launched AI Face Recognition Device – OT-2000

In 2020, ORM Systems announced the launching of OT-2000, the AI Face Recognition Device. OT-2000 was developed with an advanced machine-learning algorithm to recognize human faces and detect human activities. This device was trained to be used in multiple areas of small to large organizations with robust hardware.

ORM Systems Manufactured its own Compatible Transceivers

After the accomplishments over the past years. In 2021, ORM Systems launched its own product range of Compatible Transceiver Modules. ORM Transceivers have been designed to be 100% compatible, and they work efficiently with top-tier network brand equipment. ORM Transceivers are cost-efficient and deliver advanced security and control data flow intelligently along with high performance.

ORM Systems Collaborated with Zyxel Networks

In 2022, ORM Systems partnered with Zyxel Networks. This collaboration led both brands to work on the enhancement of Zyxel IT network solutions with ORM Systems IT Hardware products. This collaboration promoted advanced AI and cloud-based technology following the agile roadmap with a high-speed network environment.

Brands We Offer

Our major brands that helps businesses attain their IT goals